What we do

 All Mothers' Union work falls into Communities of Interest 

Decelopment This is the largest community and the coordinator looks after the various projects within the Unit which include Worldwide & African Links, Women’s Aid & refuge, Baby Knitting Project, Refugee Support, AFIA, Prison Ministry, Parenting and Marriage Support, Open the Book, and of course our Knitting Ministry, all ably led by hard working and dedicated members. 

Faith & Policy This community oversees the spiritual side of Mothers’ Union, arranging Quiet Days and opportunities to study as well as organising services. The Chaplains and Indoor members Representative are part of this community. The community also informs and encourages action on Social Policy.

The campaigning side of Mothers’ Union work is in this unit.

Communication This community encourages projects both national and local and also looks after both internal and external communication. It includes  our Worcester Waves editor.

This unit manages both the website and Facebook page.

Finance & Diocesan Governance Services This community overseas the administrative work in the Diocese and includes the Secretary and Treasurer as well as looking after Diocesan Members. The Mothers’ Union Enterprises Representatives are part of this community selling cards, badges, etc. which raise much needed funds for the work.

Faith & Policy 

  Prayer and a shared faith in Christ is at the heart of all we do in Mothers’ Union. One of  our aims in the Faith & Policy Unit    is to develop our own faith and spirituality. We put  our prayer and faith into action through our social policy initiatives both locally, nationally and worldwide. Faith and Policy unit can be active across all units.

 Here in the Worcester Diocese the Faith & Policy community consists of a number of elements: -

 Our Indoor Members (IMPC) are contacted regularly by Norma Walters, with cards and  greetings at special times. Many of  this group are very elderly, or because of family situations find it difficult to attend regular meetings but they continue to be valuable members praying each day at midday and thereby joining across the world in daily midday prayers with all Mothers' Union members. They also form a prayer chain, praying for members and especially couples about to marry on their wedding day.

 In co-operation with our worldwide representative, and Faith community we produce a Wave of Prayer leaflet/service to use each March (12 -14th) when we pray for and remember our link dioceses.This year we also had the benefit of a DVD about the place and work of Mothers’ Union in our links making our prayers for West Ankole: Unganda, Mama Ellyvaida Katoneene; Port Elizabeth: Southern Africa, Mrs Nontuthuzelo (Ntuthu); Nomadic Mission: Nigeria; Mrs Rose Mutum, Ekiti-Kwara: Nigeria; Mrs Abimbola Ajayi, and The Episcopal Church of the Philippines and their president more informed.

To encourage our own faith, worship is an important part of our fellowship. Each branch meeting holds its own worship and each deanery an annual festival service, and the community is able to help and advise by occasional sharing and training sessions and by putting together worship and spiritual resources as needed. Also our Diocesan Festival service held in a different part of the diocese each year is a wonderful opportunity to share together.

The Social Policy aspect of the unit helps put our faith into practice. As we witness as Christians and Mothers’ Union members we try to be informed, discuss and take action on issues affecting family life. We continue to monitor local issues as it affects children and families. We keep up to date with the activities of governments and the United Nations and are encouraged to contribute to Government consultations, for instance on Same Sex marriage and Transgender issues.

We seek to promote conditions in society favorable to stable family life and the protection of children in all its forms in our modern and diverse world.


   Communications Community 

Our main purpose is to encourage all members to have fun (let’s forget the D for the time being) raising the profile of Mothers’ Union in the Diocese of Worcester and the chief way to do that is through our communications at grassroots level first and foremost.These can be our communications with each other to build strong, healthy relationships with our fellow members whether at Branch, Deanery Group or Diocesan group; communications with our friends, family and neighbours about what we do in Mothers’ Unio; communications with fellow church members and/or work colleagues but especially communications with members of the public with whom we have no other connection so that we can let others know about the significance and importance of all we do in the name of Mothers’ Union.

Growth in membership numbers is a key and pivotal aspect of the continuing success of Mothers’ Union work. Without members and donations we are unable to help families throughout the world. It is by effectively showing the public the worth of Mothers’ Union’s we can both generate more support and get our voice recognised and heard.

 No organisation can exist without funds and this is where the fundraising aspect comes in.  Fundraising is essential to the  success of Mothers’ Union. Without the organising and  running of fundraising events Mothers’ Union could not generate the money needed for its  programmes, policy and faith work. 

 Fundraising events create greater opportunities not just to raise money but to promote the  organisation. Events can help  strengthen bonds between communities and reach out to new contacts or potential new members. In the Worcester Diocese we feel fund raising should be branch led in the main and therefore something branch members do and enjoy together.

So remember:

  • Be proud of what you are doing in the name of Mothers’ Union and communicate that to others.
  • Never let any events you do to fundraise for Mothers’ Union however big or small go unnoticed – make sure there are articles about these events in your parish magazine, in the Worcester Waves, on our website - worcestermu.or.uk; on our facebook page - Worcestermu - and in the local Press or on the local radio and always let Rachel Cramp @ willowslea2@yahoo.com know.
  • Finally never go anywhere or do anything in the name of Mothers’ Union without badge or scarf or your camera. We want to see the pictures, they can speak far louder than words! However, remember to get a permission form signed if you are taking pictures of children or vulnerable adults. The form should be sent to Worcester Mothers’ Union secretary secretary@worcestermu.or.uk 

So happy fundraising and communicating to you all