Initiatives In Worcester Diocese

Intiatives throughout the Worcester Diocese



Away From It All (AFIA)

This scheme is ably and sensitively managed by 


We offer opportunities for children, singles and/ or families to have a holiday;day(s) out; or support child(ren) on school organised holidays/visits. we have helped brownies to have an organised trip and also a disabled couple to holiday in a destination of their choice that could facilitate their individual needs.

Prison Ministry

we support the work of our member in he role in Hewell and Long Lartin prisons  

Denise Bayliffe works as a Family Support worker providing much needed support to family members visiting a prisoner especially if visiting for the first time. Denise also attends and helps at some Sunday services in the prison chapel. Charmian Manship Chaplain

Chocolate eggs are provided for all children visiting at Easter and every child receives a gift at Christmas.

Gifts are given by churches within the Diocese and then wrapped and sorted into age group.

Each prisoner receives a card at Easter and Christmas, made by the MU branch & IMPC members, they are also able to buy cards made by members to send out to their families.

The Mothers' Union also provide refreshments for orderlies to sell to families in the visitor’s centre, all proceeds go towards paying for chocolates, gifts needed and on occasion family fun days. some of our members assist in the canteen of these prisons making and serving refreshments and conversing with the visitors.

Where needed Mothers' Union will also raise necessary funds for larger items e.g. carpet/floor covering in visitor centre. 


Prayer Shawl Ministry

 Hello  I'm  Alison Russon , Prayer shawl distributor for the Worcester diocese. I have been asked to tell you a little about  the Prayer Shawl Ministry.

 The shawls are made by talented members of the Mothers' Union  and their friends and infued  with prayer for those who are about to receive them.

The shawls are made and sent throughout the diocese and beyond. The shawls are always blessed by the Parish Priest , Vicar, Minister or Pastor locally to where they have been made, although the Mothers' Union is an Anglican organisation we do appreciate help from fellow Christians from other denominations, especially as some of the shawls are given to none Anglican Christians and people of no faith.

The shawls are presented to anyone who (has been nominated) or has a special need of a Healing prayer wherever they are and for whatever reason.  A lot  of shawls are given to the elderly or infirm people, but  many have been given to younger people who have been unwell, had an accident, suffered bereavement  or who are facing a difficult life challenges.

The shawls remind them that they are Loved and Cared about, we all know how warm and comforted we can feel on a physical level when wearing  a shawl, don't we ?  but we also hope the recipient may feel benefit and hopefully blessing  from the prayers in which they are enfolded.

 If you'd like to know more please don't hesitate to contact me

Lots of Love and Prayers.


Knitting Ministry

Many individual members and branches are involved in this amazing opportunity to minister to families in crisis





Baby knitting,very small sizes for premature baby unit go to Russells Hall, Dudley and Worcester Royal Hospitals.

Bonnets/Beanie hats, Jackets, Bootees, Blankets, Vests (to cover any signs of trauma caused by necessary procedures)                                                                                                      

Larger sizes of the above are now requested by Maternity ward at Russells Hall Hospital as mums remember car seat and clothing but often forget to bring something to keep baby warm on leaving a very warm hospital unit.

Larger sizes are also included in baby bags we provide for teenage mums and babies when they make their first visit to dad in prison.

All sizes have also been sent to Belarus as many babies are still being born with problems after Chernobyl.

Teddies, Bunnies and Rabbits were initially knitted for children when they visited their father/parent in prison and were found to be invaluable by parents as besides providing comfort they also occupied the child as they travelled often long journeys.

The demand has grown as they are now requested as reading buddies for schools, some also go to hospices for children visiting and we supply them for patients who also like them. One patient described them as “A hug in the hand”. Very small ones go in shoe boxes for many deprived areas overseas.

Larger crocheted blankets have also been sent to hospices, staff say beside providing warmth and comfort they brighten a room for a seriously ill patient.

Larger knitted scarves, hats and gloves have been sent to Rumania and are much loved by teenagers and the elderly.

All Knitting is blessed before being passed on usually by the parish priest/minister where the members gather.

We have recently started making twiddle/fiddle blankets and muffs for initially our own indoor members suffering with dementia but now we provide some care/residential nursing homes for the elderly. contact   for more details or to become involved. This is a growing ministry  


picture of fiddle/twiddle and blankets and muffs made by members of

        The Bridge and Headless Cross branch





Prayer chain

MU members in the Worcester Diocese contribute names of those who are in need of our prayers whether it be through illness, bereavement etc as well as those who have something to be thankful for. There is also a section for wedding couples who are either planning their wedding or are about to be married.

The list is circulated to those members on the circulation list who remember everyone on it in their prayers.
A new list is made every month.

You can receive the Prayer Chain  by email or Royal Mail.

If you would like to be included on the Prayer Chain circulation list or if you have a name you would like us to pray for please contact me: Janice Hickman