communities of Interest - Leads/Heads of

All Mothers' Union work falls within Communities of Interest within the Diocese which are led by the following Trustees:-

  Development community of interest - coordinator - Jean Swift

This is the largest community in the Diocese and Jean has the job of  coordinating the leaders of  the various projects within the community which  include:

Our Worldwide Links,

Prison project,  Knitting Ministry and Baby knitting Project, 

Parenting and Marriage Support - such as preparation for marraige and preparation for baptism and

'Open The Book' all ably led by hard working and dedicated members.

also in this community are:

. Prison Projects are looked after by Denise Bayliffe see Special initiatives page

. Also under the umbrella of this community - MU members attend Wedding Fairs and provide valuable resources for both Civic and Church weddings

. Away From It All (AFIA) scheme is ably and sensitively managed by 

We offer opportunities for singles and or families to have a holiday/ day out or support child(ren) on school organised holidays/visits - see also Special initiatives page

Faith & Policy Community - Revd Alma Organ

The Coordinator is responsible for our spiritual guidance within the Diocese, ably overseeing all services for Diocesan events and Council meetings and  arranging and giving input to quiet days and  days of reflection.

The  Coordinator could not do thier work without the guidance and support of the Diocesan Chaplains The Rev'd Canon Stephen Buckley and Mthr Victoria Barlow and the leaders of the Indoor Members Prayer Circle.

The other half of Alm's role is Social Policy which is a huge task in itself and for which help is needed so that “grass roots” members of the Mothers’ Union can continue to have a voice on some very sensitive and groundbreaking issues.

The campaigning arm of MU and VACANT (trustee) is our contact within the Diocese of Worcester

Alma is also asisted in this unit by Alison Russon who is our Prayer Shawl distributor  and for information about these and others projects the Worcester Diocese is involved in click here

For information about Social Policy contact

Members Services - Norma Walters

Norma faithfully collects and coordinates the distribution of recycled  cards to the Prison we support

these cards are prayerfully, lovingly and innovatively made by members throughout the diocese and also friends of MU

she also supports our indoor members IMPC as we refer to them sending letters, and cards for birthdays and anniversaries.

Communication Community - coordinator - Rachel CrampRachel enables free flow of information both internal and external throughout the diocese facilitating the website and facebook page.

The work in this community  relates to external as well as internal communications and we aim to raise the profile of Worcester Mothers' Union through local media wherever possible and also engage with Central Mothers' Union through our website and socia media.

The vital work of fundraising in the Diocese is undertaken by all branches and the community acts as a funnel for the many wonderful initiatives that come out of Mary Sumner House, the  'Make a Mothers’ Day campaign'  The 'Summer of Hope' and 'The Christmas Appeal' being prime examples.

Also in this unit is Trustees 

Chris Lewis & Hilary Roffey who has specific responsibility for those members ( Diocesan Members) in the diocese who are not attached to a branch within a parish

This Unit also includes the Editor of Worcester Waves,our twice yearly news booklet

Training Officers:

  June Young & Dorothy Knights 

For information about Worcester Waves =
For information about the Mothers' Union magazine for all members see =

Finance & Governance Head  - Michael Bishop 

& Accounts Administrator -

Michael is at the helm of this very necessary community which works quietly away making sure the wheels are oiled and we can function in the Diocese. 

       Under the umbrella of this community is Margaret Penn the MUe representative trustee who works tirelessly in supplying and selling MUe goods at every possible opportunity to raise the profile of Mothers’ Union and make a little more money for the Diocese to donate to projects locally, nationally and internationally.