Jan Butterworth speaker resume



Jan Butterworth, member of St George’s Barbourne, ambassador for Love Justice International and part of the Diocesan support for the Clewer Initiative against modern slavery.


 Love Justice International is a Christian NGO, working in Asia and Africa to prevent, intercept and prosecute traffickers and to care for those who have been trafficked. It works in countries where there is a higher likelihood of trafficking and where they can make the most impact. Over the last fifteen years they have prevented more than 15,000 people from being trafficked, including many children. The work began in 2002 in Nepal, India and Bangladesh, and two years ago started working at the international airport in Johannesburg, with further rapid expansion in Africa, so that it now has 38 border stations in 11 different countries and has 53 active cases against traffickers.

Further details and stories of individuals saved from being trafficked can be found on their website www. Lovejustice.ngo My daughter in law is the operational manager in South Africa so I have a wealth of current news and stories about their work in Africa and Nepal. Specifically, in August this year we were in Uganda and met with the Ugandan team who, themselves have such a testimony, growing up in poverty as orphans, and where one of them was trafficked herself and ended up serving five years in an Iranian prison, under a death sentence.


Through my work with LJI I met with Rev Doug Chaplin, about the Diocesan response to the Clewer Initiative, about raising awareness in churches about modern day slavery in the U.K. Although in the last year there has fortunately been a growing awareness in the media regarding this in Britain it is still a shock to people that this is happening in the West Midlands and very probably in Worcester. Many trafficked people are first directed to work in nail bars and car washes before being sent around the country. Through awareness of slavery, by using the car wash app, and the Modern Slavery telephone line, people can report possible instances of slavery with no risk to themselves and can also pray for the work being done locally and abroad.

Last year the diocese organized a successful workshop which was well attended by West Mercia and West Midlands police and charities such as the Worcester Food Bank, Maggs and Deanery representatives. This year we are supporting partnerships and further training events and as part of that I am having discussions about how the Mothers Union can support this.