16 days of activism
This months downloadable article focuses on our 16 Days of Activism Campaign, including our focus on the stigma associated with gender-based violence. We encourage you to use it in your newsletters, parish magazines and websites

article; journeying through Avent

Mothers' Union Working for peace and reconciliation
Families First article

Wave Of Prayer
October 17

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Province of Canterbury Mother's Union
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The Church of England - The Diocese of Worcester
The Diocese of Worcester is one of 43 that make up the Church of England. The Diocese of Worcester also forms part of the Province of Canterbury. The diocese covers an area of 670 square miles and includes the County of Worcestershire, the Metropolitan Borough of Dudley, and a few parishes in northern Gloucestershire, south east Wolverhampton and Sandwell - so we are not short on variety. From the urban north, with its impressive history and cultural mix, to the agricultural south where the rich colours of rural life flavour many people's day to day experience, the diocese has much to offer to visitor, resident and worshipper alike. The diocese was founded in around 679 by St Theodore of Canterbury for the tribe of the Hwicce. Today the diocese covers a population of 865,000. We have 97 benefices, 170 parishes and 285 churches.

Worcester Cathedral
Worcester Cathedral is a magnificent sight as it rises majestically above the River Severn. Worcester has been the seat of a bishopric since the Seventh Century, and the Cathedral was served by monks until the Reformation. St Oswald and St Wulfstan were among the bishops. Since the Eighteenth Century, the Cathedral has been famous for its part in the annual Three Choirs Festival, the oldest choral festival in existence. Today the Cathedral is the centre of a vibrant community of clergy and laypeople, offering the praises of God each day, serving the city and diocese of Worcester, and attracting visitors from all over the world.

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