Diocesan secretary job description

Mother’s Union Diocesan Secretary Duties and Responsibilities 

  1. To provide Secretarial support to the President

  2. Manage the arrangements for Trustee meetings x 4 per annum, deanery leader’s meetings

x 4 per annum, Council meetings x 2 per annum and the Annual general meeting (evening meeting).


  1. Hire rooms, circulate agendas and reports, prepare resolutions, and keep records of attendance at meetings.


  1. Take minutes and records of all business transacted at every meeting of the Trustees, Deanery leaders, Diocesan Consultative Council and the Annual meeting.


  1. Gather and passing of any information to members of Diocesan Consultative Council.


  1. Keep Diocesan Files - filing all new paperwork.


  1. Always prepare and distribute the Diocesan Directory at beginning of each triennium and keep up to date.


  1. To keep records of new members ensuring the members card is distributed and signed.


  1. To keep records of those members who have transferred away.


  1. To ensure that transferring members are linked with their new Diocese


  1. To keep a record of those members who have died and passing the information to the President for action; chair for action; to the prayer chain coordinator and IMPC coordinator.


  1. To receive the annual programmes from the Branches and Deaneries, checking that they follow the Constitution, drawing attention to the Trustees where necessary.


  1. To keep a directory of all members.


  1. Any other duties as required by President and trustees.