Diocesan banner

Our Diocesan banner was commissioned by the Worcester  Diocese Mothers’ Union in memory of Mrs Sybylle Dumper, MU Diocesan President from 1983 to 1989. 
It was designed and made by Juliet Hemingray of Derby in 2003.

It represents the different strands within the life of the MU and its members. Most prominent are the Cross and family. 
The MU logo expresses the Mothers’ Union mission of “Christian Concern for Families Worldwide”.

The other emblems represent the Diocese of Worcester. Through the centre of the design runs the River Severn, flowing through the whole length of the diocese. Our Cathedral stands prominent and proud. At bottom right is the diocesan shield. Above that, the nails and chains commemorate industries of northern Worcestershire: the nails represent also the suffering of Christ on the Cross, and the broken chain represents the bonds of sin and death that Christ broke by his death and resurrection. The sheep stand for the agricultural areas of the diocese, and bring to mind the lamb of God. The fruit tree is for the Vale of Evesham and also reminds us of the Tree of Life.  The black pears are a traditional variety, found only in Worcestershire.