What It Means to be a Member

Mothers’ Union is a membership-based organisation. Members are Christians from all walks of life who join together to form the largest lay-led mission group in the world. All the charitable outreach of the organisation is actively carried out by the members, and Mothers’ Union’s governance, leadership and programmes are driven by and undertaken through members within their communities worldwide.


But what does it mean to be a member?

Membership of Mothers’ Union isn’t passive – simply handing over a fee once a year. Membership can be described as a life-style choice – an active involvement in a fellowship that goes right around the world. This fellowship and the deeper engagement with their Christian faith is often described by members as the most valuable part of membership.

Many members commit to active volunteering in local projects run or supported by Mothers’ Union that reach out to support family life in whatever way is most needed by the local community.

Membership of Mothers’ Union is open to all Christians baptised in the Trinity – not just Anglicans – with members coming from diverse denominations. All members are committed to supporting the aims and objectives of Mothers’ Union and commit to undertake Bible reading, church worship and private prayer in their lives, including supporting their fellow members in prayer.

Above all members discover in membership a wealth of friendship, opportunity to learn, opportunities to deepen their spiritual life, opportunities to serve and to grow.

The more Mothers’ Union grows the more we can make a positive impact in society to help support parents and families.

The more members we have, the more Christian care for families we can offer around the world. Find out how to join, or to enquire further please contact us on