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    Ending violence, ending poverty, ending injustice.

    We are a truly worldwide Christian movement. 

    Supporting families around the world

     We are an international Christian membership movement supporting families and communities in   need of support in the UK and worldwide since 1876. Our members are active in 84 countries and   work tirelessly to serve their communities whilst offering Christian care for families, regardless of faith or background.





















    To find out who we are and what we do and how you could  join us or support us as we try to meet the needs of our communities here in Worcester and Worldwide.

    contact us: communications coordinator: Barbara Davies communications@worcestermu.org.uk

    president: Judith Grubb president@worcestermu.org.uk

    secretary: Rosie Humphries secretaryworcestermu@gmail.com


    Some members of Claines and St George's branches

    Judy Morris member St George's Church, Barbourne delivering service of prayer 

    Judy is branch leader for St George's Church and is on the front row far right






    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information for Mothers' Union             

    Mothers’ Union takes the safety and wellbeing of our members,

    volunteers and staff extremely seriously, and all are encouraged

    to follow the guidance of their government and local Church

    in deciding how to respond.



    opening up after lockdown rules are relaxed







    Mothers’ Union Meetings

    Meetings are a key part of fellowship for members.

    At this time we suggest you consider the risks associated with meeting up on a case by case basis and take into consideration the age and health profile of attendees, informed by the Government’s guidance.

    If meetings do take place you should follow good hygiene practices.

    You should ensure that anyone feeling at all unwell does not attend any gathering. 






    Mothers' Union continuing support for the Church of England initative





      Modern Slavery Helpline Poster  Raise awareness of modern slavery in your church and community by putting up this poster and encouraging people to report any suspicions or concerns.   Download Modern Slavery Helpline Poster (221kb)



    Stopping Injustice

    ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.’ Martin Luther King Jr





    Mothers’ Union are working with the Clewer Initiative to end modern slavery by 2030.

    Both Mothers’ Union and the Clewer Initiative believe that the tools to end modern day slavery already exist within our local communities.

    We envision that the Church, which is present and at the heart of communities, has a primary responsibility in leading this effort. 

    Mothers’ union members throughout the UK have become the eyes and ears, using the Apps for car washes, nail bars and now Rural issues to inform of suspicious practices. Some dioceses have dedicated officers paid for by MU and some have safe houses where MU assists in the rehabilitation of victims.

    The Clewer Initiative is a project that enables the Church of England and its wider networks to develop strategies to detect modern day slavery in their communities. They can then help provide victim support and care. This involves working with the Church locally to identify resources already available to be utilised. Also, there is a focus on developing partnerships with others and thus creating a wider network of advocates seeking to end modern slavery.

    On a more national level the initiative is developing a network of practitioners who are committed to sharing models of best practice and providing evidence-based data to resource the Church’s national engagement with Government, statutory and non-statutory bodies. 

    The initiative forms part of the Church of England’s approach to eradicating modern slavery and is funded by the Clewer Sisters. The Clewer sisters are an Anglican order of Augustinian nuns founded in 1852 to help marginalised, mainly young women, who found themselves homeless and drawn into the sex trade, by providing them shelter and teaching them a trade.        




    MUe catalogues can be ordered from Margaret Penn 

    MUe catalogues can be ordered from MUe representative Margaret Penn who also has a selection of goods ready and waiting for you to purchase -

    contact details: Mrs Margaret Penn mlpenn@gmail.com 


    Supporting families around the world

    We are an international Christian membership movement supporting families and communities in need of support in the UK and worldwide since 1876. Our members are active in 84 countries and work tirelessly to serve their communities whilst offering Christian care for families, regardless of faith or background.

    Through our work and prayer with families, children and people of all ages Mothers’ Union in the Diocese of Worcester is making an impact.


    Members from the North archdeaconry raising funds as they share fellowship together 2019

    We seek to work practically to educate and empower women and families across the diocese both through our local church and also locally according to need by: 

    • assist NHS nurses in supporting teenage mothers

    • Help schools with ‘Open the Book’

    • Organise parent support groups

    • Organising ‘Away from it all holidays’

    • Assist in the canteen of our prisons meeting, greeting and supporting visitors especially mothers and children; making and serving refreshments and conversing with the visitors; providing gifts throughout the year and especially at Christmastime.

    • We make over 4,000 christmas cards for the prisoners and their families annually

    • Support refugees to settle into school and community

    • Support and assist our priests with baptism and preparing couples for marriage

    • Attend wedding fairs

    • Assist in foodbanks; centres for the homeless and isolated and support the elderly to remain in their own homes.

    • We continue to support our local Refuges who offer shelter to victims of domestic violence by providing household essentials, toiletries and Christmas gift boxes.

    • We have a lively knitting and prayer shawl ministry

    • There are also lots of ways YOU too can get involved in Mothers’ Union in Worcester Diocese.

           YOU can put your skills to work on local, national and international projects; help raise funds to enable projects to                     flourish, or get together with other members in your area. Delve further into our website for a branch near you. 


    AFIA Our "Away From It All" Scheme

    contact: jhickman62@gmail.com

    for details and support from Mothers' Union here in Worcester 

    Mothers’ Union members here in the Worcester diocese regularly provide various types of breaks for many people throughout the year in the UK, through our "Away From It All" (AFIA) scheme, supporting families who are experiencing stressful times and would otherwise not have the opportunity of a holiday.





    Please check out the central website - Mothers' Union is offering to support key workers to have a holiday/break/day out. 









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